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Adhesives, Gravo-Bond, New Hermes cement


Bonds plastic or metal to any surface. Use just a drop and it sets in 10 seconds. Gravo- Bond is a non-solvent based adhesive.

Description  Part no. 
adhesive – 1 oz.  36230

New Hermes cement*

For bonding plastics or metal to any surface. Brown cement is specially formulated to use with phenolic.

Description  Part no. 
Clear cement -1 pint can  48700
Brown cement -1 oz. tube  47989
Bond acrylic -1 pint can  36236


Paint Colour Fills

Oxidizing agents

Aloxide and GravoxideAloxide and Gravoxide*
Aloxide and Gravoxide
induce a chemical reaction
to blacken engraved areas
for a contrasting effect.
Apply to engraved area
and wipe surface clean.
3 oz. bottle.

Description  Part no. 
Aloxide 12pk 32799
Anodized aluminum  32800
Gravoxide 12pk  32820
Gravoxide for brass*  32821
Swab applicator  32822

Edges of brass should not be exposed
to Gravoxide. Not for use on goldplated,
hand-polished and/or lacquered items

Engravocolor Sticks

Engravocolor sticks
For brushless color filling of plastics and base metals. When ordering Engravocolor sticks separately, specify part number and quantity for each color. Sticks are .8 oz.

Colour  Part no. 
White  32824
Gold  32825
Silver  32826
Red  32827
Black  32828
Green  32829
Blue  32830
Yellow  32831
12 assorted  32823
(3 black, 3 white, 1 each of other colours)

Paint fill tool
For surface and subsurface paint fill applications. Engraved graphics and letters are colour-filled with one pass. A must have tool for paint filling engraved work.

Paint fill tool

laser colored foils

Laser colored foils

  • Solid color 2 mm thick mylar tape for laser engraving
  • Adds color and richness to your laser engraved pieces
  • Permanent acrylic adhesive great for woods
Description  Part no. 
Black  6” x 25”  Roll  45887
Blue  6” x 25”  Roll  45888
Green  6” x 25”  Roll  45894
Red  6” x 25”  Roll  45955
Bright gold    6” x 25”  Roll 46119
Brushed gold 6” x 25”  Roll 46120
Silver 6” x 25”  Roll  46123


Paint fill pen
Tool for use in engraving
& paint filling. No outside
source/compressed air needed. Comes with 4 different easy-to-change
tip sizes. A must for engravers who colour fill.


paint fill pen

Engravers Enamel

Engravers Enamel*

For filling engraving in metal and plastic. Not ecommended for use on Metallex. 1/2 pint cans.

Colour  Part no.  Colour  Part no. 
Blue  32814
Yellow  32815
Gray  32817
Almond  32816
Orange  32810

Rub N Buff
For rich looking fills on non-porous surfaces. Excellent engraving color fill for glass.
Just dab on, rub in, and buff off excess.

Rub N Buff

Colour  Part no. 
Grecian gold  51675
Silver 51672
Spanish copper  51676
Black  51677
White  51678


*These items are shipped via
ground transportation


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