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Engraving Supplies - spray thin coat & let dry, Bond with a CO2 laser, Wash to reveal mark

TherMark laser marking tape


TherMark marking spray



Cermark laser marking spray

TherMark laser marking tape
For efficient dry permanent marking

TherMark tape is an ideal product for expanding the range of materials that can be marked with a CO2 laser engraver. Available in a 50ft roll in 3 standard widths (1”, 2” & 3” wide), it can be used to create high contrast, permanent black marks on bare, plated and anodized metals. Cut the tape to the size of the mark, then simply apply by hand and engrave with a 30W and above laser. The excess tape is then peeled off to reveal the final mark. This product is suitable for outdoor use.

Part no. 
TherMark laserable tape 1” wide 
TherMark laserable tape 2” wide 
TherMark laserable tape 3” wide 

TherMark laser marking spray and pastes

Water-based for fast clean up

TherMark liquid pastes allow most metals to be quickly marked using a CO2 laser engraver. A thin coat of material can be painted or sprayed onto the metal, then left to dry for less than 2 minutes. Engrave with your laser of 25W or greater to produce high contrast, permanent black marks. The excess water-based materials can be easily washed off to reveal the final mark.

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TherMark LMM14 6 oz aerosol spray 
TherMark LMM14 50g liquid paste 
TherMark LMM14 250g liquid paste 

Cermark laser marking spray and pastes

Solvent-based for easy handling before marking

Cermark metal marking pastes also allow most metals to be marked using a CO2 laser engraver. Similar to TherMark liquids, the Cermark products contain a hardener that allows the products to be easily handled prior to marking with your laser. The final result is the same permanent black marks on a range of bare metals. Good for CO2 lasers, 25W and above.

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Cermark LMM6000 12 oz aerosol spray 
Cermark LMM6000 50g liquid paste 
Cermark LMM6000 250g liquid paste 
Cermark LMM6000 500g liquid paste 

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